The Centre for Small Farms


Who is running this joint and who is it for?

When the time came to appoint an overseer for the Just Us! Centre for Small Farms, Just Us! founders Jeff and Debra Moore could not have chosen more aptly. Av Singh, the Organic and Rural Infrastructure Specialist with Perennia, has now the added title of Chair in Small Farm Sustainability at the Centre for Small Farms (CSF). But wait! It gets even better; when Av pulled up roots from Tatamagouche to move to Grand Pré, he also brought his wife Karen and their two daughters, Shaani and Kaia. The entire family contributes enormously to the efforts of the Centre for Small Farms, working together and in collaboration with local farmers to spread seed and knowledge alike.

The Centre for Small Farms is for small-scale farmers all across Canada. Its aim is to bring farmers together in dialogue, to encourage the exchange of information. Central to this shift away from the typical industrial model of agricultural expansion is the idea that your neighbor is a potential collaborator, not a competitor. It is the CSF’s hope that by promoting cooperation amongst local farmers they will be creating opportunities for fruitful (of maybe vegetaful?) conversations.