HACCP Training in Guelph

Wow, what a week!  Did you know that HACCP, first developed in the 1960’s was a spin off from the US Space program?  The government wanted to make sure the food provided to astronauts would not harm them or make them sick while in space.  The food was to be completely free of bacteria, toxins, chemicals and physical hazards.  As a result of this HACCP was soon developed as a way to eliminate these hazards to produce the safest food possible. 

HACCP I focused on the importance of solid prerequisite programs.  A prerequisite program is a series of steps or procedures that control the operational conditions within a plant or food establishment and promotes environmental conditions that are favorable for the production of safe food.  Prerequisite programs address issues such as employee hygiene, sanitation, pest control, premises, transportation, purchasing, shipping, receiving, storage, recalls and equipment

HACCPII focused on the steps required to develop a HACCP Plan.  This course was very interactive and great for learning as we each choose a product and created a HACCP plan as we learned the steps.  We could challenge other plans and often had to defend our own. It certainly got you thinking outside the box. 

During the week I had the opportunity to meet HACCP Coordinators working in different types of food plants and we are all very passionate about the work that we do.  We discussed our challenges, experiences and hopes for the future.