From the people, for the people

Just Us! has been putting out newsletters for years, but with the launch of our new website we decided that we would include a blog so that we could start to reach out to a larger audience. We named the blog “Vehicle for Change” because our worker co-operative was created to help create a shift in mindset about how trade and business can be done differently. We are in the coffee, tea, chocolate and sugar business to be a competing contradiction to the neo-colonial runaway train of free trade and multi-national corporate exploitation of the small farmers producing these products. Globalization has created slave-like circumstances for countless agricultural workers and wrenching conflict and struggles of survival for commodity farmers that tend small plots of land, their families, whole communities and even entire cultures of people. On the other hand, globalization is opening up an opportunity for people across nations, cultures and continents to understand each other better. Education and open dialogue are the real vehicles that will create change in the world. Barriers need to be broken down so that cultural misunderstandings, ignorance and even racism can be eliminated. This will help force accountability on the corporations that cross borders to exploit people and the environment in the name of the bottom line.

We also see the co-operative movement as a vehicle for change. The world needs democracy in business, just as we do in politics. Direct trade between co-operatives means a commerce system of products from the people, for the people.

Our hope is that this blog will become an opportunity for you to discuss issues with us so that we can help drive a movement together that will lead to real concrete solutions and actions for positive change in the world. Together we can be a vehicle for change.