Reflection on "9/11" By Jeff Moore

9/11 raises questions about "terrorism" and who was/is behind it. Certainly, it is not as simple as picking a few bogeymen and getting rid of them. Most interesting, and even personal, for us at Just Us! is what Chomsky calls "The First 9/11". This was clearly a "terrorist" attack by the U.S.on Chile and all of Latin America that occurred on Sept. 11, 1973. It was an attack on a democratically elected government of Salvador Allende with whom the U.S. had diplomatic relations. It is personal for us at Just Us! because long time friend, Fr. Francisco Van der Hoff was on the "hit list". He had left his teaching position at the University Of Ottawa the year before because he was excited about the election of Allende and what it could mean for the people of Chile and Latin America. He worked in the mines as a "worker priest". When the attack took place on Sept. 11, he was quickly warned by an army officer that he , along with 1000's of other perceived leaders, was on the list to be arrested, tortured and killed. He was told to flee the country immediately with just the clothes on his back. Without that warning, Francisco and Fair Trade would not be here today. This was just the beginning of what could only be called systematic terrorism by the U.S. on the people of Latin America to prevent anything from getting in the way of U.S. interests, particularly corporate interests. The casualties of the first 9/11 have been far, far greater than those suffered by the U.S. in the more recent 9/11. I hear the stories and see the evidence everywhere I go in Latin America right up to the current day in Honduras and Guatemala . It is great to have the internet, organizations like Breaking the Silence and Rights Action, and writers like Chomsky to give us this kind of food for thought when we are bombarded in the media with so much propaganda and justification for the "War on Terror". If you have a few minutes read Noam Chomsky on the Dangers of American Empire and Why the US Continues to be Bin Laden's best ally.