Tarrazu Honey

We are pleased to announce the reintroduction to the 2013 Reserve Line of our cherished Tarrazu Honey!  Since we first launched this coffee it has been a favorite of customers and staff alike, and one of our best-selling reserve line coffees.

The beans are a true microlot, grown on the Las Gravilias Farm by the Marin Piedra family in the Tarrazu Valley of Costa Rica. The care and dedication of our partners at the AFAORCA co-operative in organic farming practices, harvest and processing are part of what make this coffee so special.

The name of the coffee derives from the way the harvested cherries are processed. Yellow Honey (or pulp-natural) processing leaves some of the sweet mucilage from the coffee cherry (the honey) on the coffee bean while it dries. As it dries some of the sugars and aroma is drawn into the bean itself. Enzymatic activity that otherwise wouldn’t happen in washed coffees occurs. This can accentuate the sweet, fruit-like flavours and aromas in the roasted bean.

We craft-roast the coffee light and extend the roast development phase to gently caramelize the sugars in the bean and bring out its lovely toffee notes. Roasting unlocks hints of field berry and sweet plum inherent in the character of the bean.



The Roastery Team.