24 Apr 2015

We’ve told you the basics, but we know you probably have more questions. Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see the information you’re looking for, drop us a line at info@ and we’d be happy to answer your question directly.

Why have you removed the zipper closure?

This zipper has been an annoyance of many customers over the years. Particularly those customers who purchase ground coffee from us. The coffee particles always get stuck in the channel of the zipper and prevent closure.

Additionally, industry knowledge of coffee has improved over the past 8-10 years and we now know that sealing the bag does not preserve freshness. As soon as you open a bag of coffee oxygen enters the bag, reacts with the coffee, and the staling process begins to accelerate.

Lastly, it’s an expensive addition that doesn...

09 Oct 2014
Last winter I was fortunate to spend time in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. I paid my ticket and was off on an adventure with Joey Pittoello, the director of coffee for Just Us! Coffee. The purpose of the journey was to connect with producers from the ASOBAGRI co-op, which I learned is a...
30 Sep 2014
In addition to, and in conjunction with, the Centre for Small Farms, Just Us! has a farm in its backyard! The Just Us! Food Farm is comprised of four large gardens—a healing garden, farmers-in-residence garden, kitchen garden, and farmer-led research garden—with a circular gathering...
19 Aug 2014
Who Who is running this joint and who is it for? When the time came to appoint an overseer for the Just Us! Centre for Small Farms, Just Us! founders Jeff and Debra Moore could not have chosen more aptly. Av Singh, the Organic and Rural Infrastructure Specialist with Perennia, has now the added...
11 Aug 2014
After the negative media attention fair trade received a couple months ago from the SOAS report on wage labourers in East Africa, Just Us! was certainly excited to learn that we rated so high on the recent Fair World Project analysis. As I stated in my blog post then, fair trade certainly has its...
06 Jun 2014
Well, the Globe and Mail really created quite a stir last week with their article, Fairtrade coffee fails to help the poor, British report finds (