All the members and staff at Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op would like to extend thanks to all of you who entered our Win A Mexican Morning Contest. We had nearly 300 entries in a short two week period and it was very difficult to make a choice for our well-known Mexican Morning.

For us it was really exciting to be able to engage our customers in such a meaningful exercise as considering how and why we need to change the way in which we interact with the world. Very few businesses are lucky enough to have customers this engaged with the world in which we live and for that we feel incredibly fortunate.

The winning entry was “Tierra Madre” (Earth Mother) and the Entrant’s reasoning for this choice was as follows:

“Our biggest step towards ending social injustice in the world is taken by breaking the poverty cycle and recognizing the central role of women in food production.”  Renaming the coffee Tierra Madre (or Earth Mother in English) recognizes how central women are in all aspects of coffee production, and how this vital role, from seed to cup, helps ensures the success of Fair Trade coffee.  As Vandana Shiva acknowledged when she visited Just Us, women are the main face of agriculture around the world, and their skills and knowledge are indispensable. In many rural villages, coffee now defines a great deal of their identities, and sustains their families. As this production is affected by climate change, women in many regions are meeting these challenges head on by joining together to form a collective that is a real catalyst for change.  In communities like the Sonomoro coffee cooperative in Peru, coffee production is being affected by unpredictable rainfalls, season change, and the threats of the fungus “La Roya” wiping out their main source of income. For the women in this community, moving forward means getting educated. They have attended training to learn how to mitigate climate change and best care for their land, and then have taken the further steps of training other communities, and speaking at Fair Trade conventions.   Women such as these are moving forward in their struggle against poverty with strength and resilience, by creating and expanding the collective of support around climate change. Positive woman led initiatives like these should be acknowledged and honoured. As a visible supporter of women in agriculture, Just Us renaming their coffee ‘Tierra Madre’ is a wonderful way to further celebrate how often women are the ones to sow the seeds of change.  

Thank you once again for all of your participation. We hope there will be further opportunities in the future to engage this collective thoughtfulness and in the meantime we hope you will continue to show your support.

Best Wishes,

Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op