Naturally Healthy Communities

** Latest News***

We have put some work into the "Bean" (our Volkswagen Beetle) to get it running very efficiently.  This is one of our co-op's two fuel-efficient cars.  This one runs on used vegetable oil from deep fryers, while our other one is a hybrid.  The Bean needs to be warmed up with diesel, then is switched over to veggie oil once the oil viscosity is right.  Jeff has been working on a goal to drive the car 1000 kms on 1/4 tank of diesel.  If you see him coasting down the highway, give a wave to encourage him along in his carbon-reducing travels.

Social Indicators                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

International Community Indicators



Core Products that are Fair Trade certified



Fair Trade Premiums paid to producer co-ops for
community development



Fair Trade Fees for Product Certification



Average paid for coffee above the Fair Trade and organic minimum



Local Community Indicators


Employee benefits



Support for Local Community Organizations and Social
Justice Sponsorships



Key Organizational Indicators



Employees at end of year



Number of full time employees/part time



Women/men employees



Management positions (women in management)



Highest to lowest wage ratio 



Investment in Employee Training



Number or Worker Members



Number of Community Investors



Investments through a NS Community Economic
Development Investment Fund



Key Performance Indicators                                                                                                                                                                                               



Number of bags sold in Just Us! Coffeehouses


Drinks from coffeehouses sold in a travel mug




Energy use in 2010

409,960 kWh

Energy offset by renewable wind and hydro electricity from Bullfrog Power

263,310 kWh

Number of solar panels at the Head Office and Roastery




Estimate carbon produced from head office, coffeehouses, and roastery (inputs are fuels, energy use, and flights only,  Does not include rental vehicles, inbound and outbound shipping or other contributions)

424 Tonnes



Total water use in all operations except Barrington

3,585,016 L

Average daily water use at Grand Pre

3,029 L



Core products that are organic


Organic food purchased for coffeehouses

40% (approx)

Animal meat products purchased that are free range







To reduce our retail coffee bag use at our coffeehouses
by 10% by 2012

Pilot project planned for reusable bags and tins

To implement in all coffeehouses in 2011

Target 25% travel mugs use by 2012

Currently have 17%

To offer a more affordable reusable mug in 2011

To offset 100% of our electricity consumption for 2011

Offset 64% of our 2010 electricity use.

To continue matching our electricity use with Bullfrog
Power renewable energy

To offset 20% of our carbon output by planting trees

We gave away and planted 200 trees in 2010

To plant 400 indigenous trees in Nova Scotia in 2011

To integrate water mitigating systems

Installed toilet bladders at the head office and roastery to
minimize water use.

Install low flow toilets and no flush urinals as replacements
are required

To trace coffeehouse food ingredient purchases back to
local farms and suppliers

Currently purchase directly from 3 small-scale local farms and 9 Valley and Halifax small businesses

To profile local farm partners and to increase ingredient traceability from suppliers

Our Sustainable Development Committee has been working to further activities and reporting related to our ‘triple bottom line’ approach to business. Just Us! strives to put people and the planet before profits in the hope that we can make a difference by helping advance a consumer movement that increasingly respects the human and natural value associated with everyday products, while remaining conscious of our impacts in our everyday operations.

The committee members have focused on developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and collecting baseline data so that our co-op can begin to track our environmental and social performance alongside our financial position. This will allow us to set definitive goals for social and environmental impacts in the future. This year the committee also implemented some important energy, water and waste monitoring, reduction and offsetting projects.

Our hope is that this report will help people connected to Just Us! further understand our commitment to our mission. We also hope that it will become a useful tool for our co-op to continue its progressive action towards helping create a healthy planet and healthy communities, even if just in small ways from a global context.

Bullfrog Power

Just Us! is one of the founding members of Bullfrog Power in Nova Scotia.  In the fall of 2009 our head offices, coffeehouse and Roastery in Grand Pre became part of this Green Power initiative.  In September of 2010 all of our coffeehouse locations have also moved to this service which uses wind and/or low impact hydro power.  For more information on this exciting project visit their website.