• Kaffa Oromia
  • Kivu Congo Label
    Kivu Congo
  • Tarrazu Honey
  • Viva La Resistencia Label
    Viva La Resistencia
  • Renaissance
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    Cerro Alto
  • Cradle of Peace
  • Rainforest Rhapsody
  • Colombian
  • Ethiopian
  • Evangeline Blend
  • Guatemalan
  • Mexican Morning
  • Jungle Blend
  • Mocha Java
  • Rise Again
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  • Radical Blend
  • Sumatran
  • Espresso Blend
  • Italian Roast
  • Medium Decaf
  • French Decaf
  • Instant Coffee


  Region: Gedeo zone, Southern Ethiopia Co-operative: Tumticha Coop, Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Co-op Union (YCFCU) Altitude...
Kivu Congo Label
The first D.R. Congo producers to achieve top national grade since 1967. Two cents per pound of green coffee sold by SOPACDI goes...
Complex, field berries, ripe plum  & toffee with a delicate, sweet basil finish. The Roast Profile: This sweet honey-...
Viva La Resistencia Label
Smooth & syrupy with ripe peach and a dark malt and plum jam finish The Roast Profile: Roasted aggressively to start with a...
This blend of full city and lightly roasted beans is smooth with berry flavours and a rich roasted nut aftertaste.  The name...
Label image
  Our apologies - Cerro Alto is now sold out and no longer available. If you enjoyed Cerro Alto, you may also like Mejor de...
Our apologies - Cradle of Peace is now sold out and no longer available. if you enjoyed Cradle of Peace, you may also like Viva...
Light, brisk and refreshing with a few dark overtones. Fair Trade Organic
A classic - full bodied with a rich smooth flavor. Fair Trade Organic
Distinctive coffee - floral and fruity with soft sweetness. Fair Trade Organic
Aromatic blend from Africa and the Americas with fruity notes. Fair Trade Organic
Bright and well balanced - hints of spice and cocoa Fair Trade Organic