• Kaffa Oromia
  • Renaissance
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    Cerro Alto
  • Cradle of Peace
  • Project : Trifinio
  • Twelve Apostles
  • Rainforest Rhapsody
  • Colombian
  • Ethiopian
  • Evangeline Blend
  • Guatemalan
  • Mexican Morning
  • Revitalize!
  • Holiday Blend
  • Jungle Blend
  • Mocha Java
  • Rise Again
  • Breaking the Silence
  • Ethiopian Harar
  • French Roast
  • Radical Blend
  • Sumatran
  • Espresso Blend
  • Italian Roast
  • Medium Decaf
  • French Decaf
  • Instant Coffee


Region: Gedeo zone, Southern Ethiopia Co-operative: Abado Cooperative, Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union (YCFCU...
This blend of full city and lightly roasted beans is smooth with berry flavours and a rich roasted nut aftertaste.  The name...
Label image
  Our Cerro Alto coffee is no longer available.   This particular coffee comes to us from the farm of Francisco Pascual...
  Our apologies - Cradle Of Peace is now sold out and is no longer available. If you enjoyed Cradle Of Peace, please try...
  Our apologies - Project: Trifinio is now sold out and is no longer available. If you enjoyed Project: Trifinio, please try...
Reserve Line: Twelve Apostles San Ignacio, Peru Region: Andes Mountain Range of Northern Peru Co-operative: Casil Altitude:...
Light, brisk and refreshing with a few dark overtones. Fair Trade Organic
A classic - full bodied with a rich smooth flavor. Fair Trade Organic
Distinctive coffee - floral and fruity with soft sweetness. Fair Trade Organic
Aromatic blend from Africa and the Americas with fruity notes. Fair Trade Organic
Bright and well balanced - hints of spice and cocoa Fair Trade Organic
Lively and a bit nutty - a perfect start to your day! Fair Trade Organic