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Tarrazu Honey
Flavour Description:

Rich and fruity with field berries, plum and toffee flavours.

The Roast Profile:

This sweet honey-processed coffee has been roasted for a short time and dropped at a low temperature to maintain its inherent sweet, fruity character while caramelizing sugars just enough to draw out a long, buttery, toffee-like finish.

12oz Wholebean only: $18.25

Origin and Producers:
Region: Tarrazu Valley, near San Jose, Costa Rica
Co-operative: The Association of Organic Families of the Caraigres Hills (AFAORCA)
Producers: The Marin Piedra Family
Altitude: 1600m
Varietal: Caturra & Caturai
Points of Interest: A true microlot grown and processed on one farm within the AFAORCA Cooperative. This coffee was yellow honey processed. This means the beans were dried with less than 50% of the coffee cherry mucilage left on the beans.