Sierra Nevada
Flavour Description:

This coffee is no longer available.

Chocolate with notes of buttered pecan & black currant; syrupy body; smooth, balanced acidity.


Origin and Producers:

This coffee comes to us from our partners in ASOPROKAN, a co-operative consisting of four indigenous Colombian tribes – the Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco, and Kankuamo. This exceptional single origin benefits from the lush fertility, high rainfall and elevation of the longest coastal mountain range in the world, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The region was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1979 and is home to incredible biodiversity.

The people of the Sierra Nevada refer to it as Umunukunu (Heart of the World) and see themselves as the guardians of this sacred land. They call themselves the “Keepers of the World” and hold as a central belief the coexistence in balance and harmony of nature and humankind.

This group united to form the Kankuamo Indigenous Organization (OIK) in 1993 to promote and strengthen self-governance, autonomy, and cultural identity, responding to their threatened status as a result of Colombia’s 40-year civil war. OIK is located in a 24,400 hectare indigenous reserve recognized by the Colombian state and exists as a political and social entity to defend the land and way of life of the native peoples of the Sierra Nevada. Proceeds from Fair Trade Organic coffee allow them to purchase legal title to their ancestral lands and protect it from exploitation and destruction.

Region: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta  

Co-operative: ASOPROKAN (Asociación de Productores Kankuamos)

Altitude: 900-1200 m.a.s.l.

Varietals: 80% Typica