Cerro Alto

Cerro Alto Label

Our apologies, Cerro Alto is no longer available. If you enjoyed this coffee, please try our Colombian and Tierra Madre.


Cero Alto
Guatemala | Single Origin
Bold with notes of dark chocolate & a roasted nut finish

The Indigenous communities of Guatemala are largely of Mayan decent.

ASOBAGRI has been hit hard by Coffee Leaf Rust or La Roya over the past three years; devastating yields and farmers’ household incomes.

The community of Chanquejelve is secluded near the border of Mexico; A day’s travel by car to the ASOBAGRI headquarters.

Many of the men in this community, including Francisco, the grower of this coffee, spend much of their lives working illegally in the USA to make ends meet.

Technical Information:
Roasted medium, with a solid caramelization to highlight roasted nut notes and develop the body while retaining dark berry and chocolate notes

Farmer: Francisco Pascual Tomás and family
Region: Chanquejelve, Municipality of Barilla
Co-operative: ASOBAGRI
Altitude: 1,452 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Caturra & Bourbon
Process: Washed, Sundried

12oz Whole Bean only - $14.00 each