Rwanda Cafe Femenino

Sorry, this coffee is no longer available.

Blackberry with vanilla and a crisp cranberry acidity.

The Roast Profile:
This delicate African coffee has been roasted for a relatively short time in terms of the wide spectrum of possible roast lengths but to a moderate drop temperature. This has allowed us to capture the subtle fruit-like qualities inherent in the green coffee while maximizing the sugar browning and overall sweetness in the final cup.
Region: East of the Ruhengeri Volcanoes, Gakenke District, Rwanda
Co-operative: Abakunda Kawa Rushashi
Producers: Hinga Kawa Women’s Association
Altitude: 1700-1900m
Varietal: Bourbon
Growing Conditions: Average rains, ambient temperatures and volcanic soils


Fair Trade

The Abakundakawa/Hinga Kawa Coopertive is currently working towards their organic certification.This product is only available in 12oz Whole Bean. 


For each bag sold Just Us! will donate 25¢ to the Cafe Femenino Foundation