Tarrazu Honey

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Tarrazu Honey

Costa Rica | Reserve Single Origin
Juicy with notes of bergamot, honey & a caramel finish.

AFAORCA is co-op of 28 farm families that was founded in 1996.

Women play a very important role in AFAORCA as farmers and managers.

This 5-bag-lot was grown by a women who converted her 1 hectare farm to Organic production methods in 2001.

Janette’s coffee beans were dried with some of the fruit still attached to retain nuanced sweetness and flavour.

Technical Information:
This bean starts off hot when roasted but is then eased into first crack with minimal roast development to ensure the delicate floral notes inherent in the coffee are preserved.

Farmer: Janette Valverde
Farm: Finca La Carretilla (Wheelbarrow Farm)
Community: Frailes, Tarrazu Valley
Co-operative: AFAORCA
Altitude: 1550 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Red Honey Processed, Sundried

12oz Wholebean only: $19.00