Twelve Apostles

Our apologies - Twelve Apostles is now sold out and is no longer available. If you enjoyed Twelve Apostles, please try Sierra Nevada, Mocha Java or Colombian.


Reserve Line: Twelve Apostles
San Ignacio, Peru

Region: Andes Mountain Range of Northern Peru
Co-operative: Casil
Altitude: approximately 1800 m
Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Pache
Producers: Rosa Elvita LLoclla Quinda & Maximina Garcia Huancas
Communities: Ihuamaca & 9 de Octubre


This year’s Twelve Apostles comes from the two women producers of the Twelve Apostles group at Casil.

During our recent visit in October we met with Maximina who it the president of the Casil Women’s Association. Of the 220 members of Casil, 43 are women.

When Just Us! asked to have the coffees of these two women separated in this year’s lot, Maximina thought it was a great idea. In fact, she thought it was such a good idea that she organized the rest of the 43 women at Casil to have their coffees processed and sold separately this year under the new “Flor del Café” brand. Just Us! bought one of the 3 containers they produced for our blends this year.

We never knew that our request would lead to such a huge project. Now, all the profits made from the “Flor del Café” brand are being invested in vegetable and livestock production within the women’s coffee farms to increase their capacity to feed their families nutritious food and diversify the ecosystems in which they farm.


Flavour Profile:

A combination of good growing techniques, timely processing of ripe cherries, and coffee varietals appropriate for such high altitudes contributes to this clean and uncharacteristically complex cup of Peruvian coffee.


This is the most apparent fruit note in this coffee’s bouquet; a bright, almost citrus-like flavour but unique in its own right.

Toasted Almonds:

Deep, sweet and rich, the flavour and sensation of freshly roasted almonds is apparent from the moment you swallow and lingers for many moments after your last sip.


The Roast Profile:

Roasted on the light side of medium, these coffee beans experience a slow-paced approach to first crack to maintain the elusive kiwi-like flavours in the beans. A moderate roast development ensures a solid finish of roasted almonds and caramel.