CCDA, Guatemala

Origin of Breaking the Silence Coffee

“You need to understand, we’re not just in the business of buying and selling coffee, we are using the resources we have to work for justice in our communities.”

-       Leocadio Juracon, Coordinator, CCDA

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In 2002, we began our partnership with Breaking the Silence Network (BTS) and Comite Campesino del Altiplano (Highlands Committee of Small Farmers) to import fairly traded organic coffee beans. This coffee is sold under the Just Us! Breaking the Silence label and supports co-ops and communities located near San Lucas Toliman, and is coordinated through the CCDA (Farmers Committee of the Highlands, a Mayan Kaqchikel grassroots organization that struggles for redistribution of land and economic justice).

When we first met these farmers, it seemed as if their hope was only a dream, since the meagre amount they received for their coffee could never allow them to pay the costs involved in the organic certification process. Breaking the Silence and Just Us! decided to support these farmers by paying a fair trade price for 6,000 pounds of coffee beans. We sold the entire first order and ordered 12,000 pounds the next year. Since that time, 35 families have received organic certification, and another 100 farmers hope to do the same.

Read about the Struggle for Campesino farmers' rights in Guatemala

Quick facts

Name: Comite Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA)

Country: Guatemala

Date Established: 1982

Members: 1800 coffee farmers

Products: coffee & weavings

Social Premium Programs:

Training community leaders & community health practitioners

Marketing women’s weavings to create independence

Assisting to secure land

Human rights

Building homes, chicken barns, community kitchens, and gardens


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