CODECH, Guatemala

 Producer: CODECH (Coordinator of Organizations for the Development of Concepcion Huista)

Location: Municipality of Concepcion Huista, in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala.

Varieties (Arabica):  Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon and Pache.

Elevation: 1200-2000 masl (metres above sea level)

 CODECH is composed of 10 different member organizations, 4 of which focus mainly on coffee. Like many of our producer partners, CODECH is using coffee – among other things – as a means of lifting the people it represents out of poverty and economic dependence; a vehicle for community social and economic self-development.

One of CODECH’s main objectives is the participation of women in society and the workforce, a challenge in the region for political and cultural reasons. Their other objectives include assisting farmers to increase yield volume and quality through improved agronomical practices, thus granting them access to specialty markets and securing a higher price for their crops, and reinvesting in their communities through some of the following projects:

*Organic farming workshops
*General agriculture workshops
*National and international commercialization workshops
*Teacher development workshops
*Women specific workshops
*Political incidence
*Women’s rights and gender equity
*Self esteem
*Medical attention
*Household development
*Classes by mail and radio station

The reasoning behind their organic certification is not only to be environmentally friendly but to be independent from transnationals which produce chemical fertilizers (a significant cost to many small-scale farmers). They also want independence from the price of oil (used in fertilizers).

With thanks to Café Imports and CODECH for some of the information contained in this article.