Artisan Roasting

Coffee can offer one of the most complex sensory experiences of all the foods and beverages on the planet. As green coffee is roasted, amino acids and reducing sugars combine, turning the coffee brown, carmelizing and creating hundreds of compounds that contribute to a vast array of aromatics and nuances. Our artisan roasting team is constantly experimenting and tasting, driven by a passion to bring out the best possible aromas, flavours, sweetness, acidity and body in each coffee that we source. Every origin, every harvest and every lot has different intrinsic characteristics and our roasting team develops roast profiles that allow the coffees to speak their own unique languages, while bringing balance to all of these elements, creating a pleasing experience in the cup for our customers.

We operate 2 restored vintage roasters, one is a Gothot and one a Probat. Together they have close to a century of roasting experience and these seasoned veterans still uphold the original quality of their cast iron and steel materials and craftsmanship. These old-style German roasters are valued by artisan coffee companies for their ability to finesse fine coffees with superior heat retention, transfer, control and airflow. They are magnificent looking machines that have the integrity and simplicity of classic vehicles.