The art of tasting coffee

We conduct quality control evaluations in our coffee cupping lab. Cupping is a standardized form of tasting that breaks down the flavour mechanics and nuances of roasted coffees.

Right after harvest, producers send a small green coffee sample for us to grade, roast and cup. This determines the selection of lots to ensure that we receive the high quality that we agreed upon in contract negotiations.

This is generally what we are looking for when cupping:



Intense and present, but not harsh, overbearing or too astringent


Smoothly viscous, silky or light syrup; Not thin, watery or a silty mouth feel


Complex aromatic and flavour notes like flowers, fruit, citrus, honey, molasses, chocolate, etc. - no over-ferment, musty, moldy or medicinal flavours from processing mistakes


Acidity & body are complementary, with the inherent bitterness of coffee balanced by a natural sweetness


Long-lasting, sweet, flavourful and aromatic; Not fast-fading, astringent and empty