All the highlights over the years.

May 2012 - Our coffee was voted Canada's Best Fair Trade Product

2011 – Just Us! expands roastery at Grand Pre.

Summer 2011 – Our fully restored 1954 Gothot roaster is installed and the process of building our new 'state-of-the-art' roastery begins.

Spring 2011 – Just Us! launches a Reserve Line!  Three coffees have been selected to be the start of a single-origin reserve line in an effort to begin seasonally promoting appreciation for exceptional small lots of coffee.

2010 – PEOPLE AND THE PLANET BEFORE PROFITS is registered and becomes our official Mission Statement.

September 17, 2010 – Margot Bureaux of Just Us! takes first place in the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show steep-off held at the Toronto Congress Centre.  She also snags firsts in best pot of Assam tea and best hot tea-based latte divisions. September 1, 2010 – After a summer long search process, our new C.E.O. is hired.

Spring 2010 – Just Us! purchases a vintage 1954 Gothot 120 kilo roaster.

2010 - Founder, Jeff Moore retires as C.E.O.

May 2010 – Just Us! forms a hiring committee to actively begin the search for a new C.E.O.

May 8, 2009 – Just Us! hosts Tadesse Meskela, General Manager of the Ethopian Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union a.k.a. “the Cesar Chavez of Ethiopia.”  The Union is comprised of 129 co-operatives which represent 800,000 families. 

2009 – Debbie and Jeff are honoured by NSCC and receive Honourary Doctorate of Laws Degrees for their commitment to fair trade, sustainability and educating the public on how their support of these principles really matters both at home and in the lives of the producers.

2009 - Rebranding – “vehicle for change” , including our the introduction of our new "evolved" logo and colour palatte.

2009 - Looking within – closed the Toronto Cafes.

May 2009 – Just Us! forms a Succession Planning Committee.

2009 - Progress Award – Fast Growing Companies in Atlantic Canada #16.

2009 - Opened Historic Properties Espresso Bar.

2009 – Expansion begins at the Spring Garden coffeehouse!

2009 - Chocolate relocation to Grand Pre.

2009 – Just Us! becomes the “Greening Sponsor” for STANFEST.

Coast Awards: 

Best Barista – 2009

Best Hot Chocolate - 2009

Best Coffee – 3 years

Best Café – 2 years

Best Fancy Coffee – 2008

Best Tea  – 2008

November 2008 - Just Us! is one of eight companies to be profiled in “How to Grow a Business:  Lessons from Nova Scotia’s Leading Entrepreneurs” by Saint Mary’s University Business Development Centre.

2008 – Progress Award – Fast Growing Companies in Atlantic Canada #23.

2008 – Jeff Moore receives the Distinguished Co-operator of the Year Award from the Nova Scotia Co-op Council.

2008 - 1st Runner Up, Best Eco-Conscious Business.

July 1, 2008 – Tom Walsh, Just Us! Development Manager, is named Acting C.E.O. for the period of one year.

2008 – Jeff’s  sabbatical.

2007 – FT Tourism trip– Ecuador, Oaxaca.

2007 – Spring Garden Coffeehouse opens.

2006 – Our packaging now has a new look and printed bags.  When Just Us! began Jane would calligraphy each bag and we would colour them the next day.  Then we got stamps and coloured the bags. The next wave introduced stickers and black bags - each morning we would sticker the bags required for each variety. 

January, 2006 – A contingent from Just Us!, led by Jeff, goes to Ecuador.  The group travels from the coast to the Andes and then the Amazon – a particularly good trip for the chocolate factory manager to be on as Ecuador is renowned as a producer of wonderfully aromatic and high quality cocoa beans.

2005  – Just Us! moves into Fair Trade chocolate and opens up the Chocolate Factory in Hantsport, Nova Scotia.

November 3, 2005 – Just Us! is declared the 2005 Ethics Award winner by the Better Business Bureau of The Maritime Provinces Inc.

June 26, 2005 – Just Us! opens the Fair Trade Coffee Museum at its Grand Pre location.  This is an extensive exhibit showcasing the production side of fair trade including the life of the coffee farmer.  Frans van der Hoff, Dutch priest and founder of Fair Trade is in attendance.

2005 – Just Us! expands the Grand Pre site.  Money is raised through a CEDIF.  It costs us twice as much as we planned but sales are growing every month and we have no trouble filling the new space.

2005 – Acadia University President’s Award for Entrepreneurship.

2005 – Ethics Award (Better Business Bureau).

2004 – Barrington Coffeehouse opens.

2003 –  Just Us! becomes a partner in Acadia Cinema – they needed solid business partner to make it work (sbJeff).

June 2002 – Raul Guzman Enriquez from the UCIRI Co-op in Oaxaca, Mexico arrives in Nova Scotia and begins work on a mural to be installed at the Wolfville coffeehouse.  The colourful, carved piece is about social justice – the life of coffee growers before and after Fair Trade.

2002 – Wolfville Coffeehouse opens.

Just Us! now adds Fair Trade organic sugar to its line-up of products.

Just Us! add Fair Trade to to its roster.

2001 – Organizational review - identify need to develop leadership from within.

2000 – EK Chamber of Commerce award – Best “Large” Business in Kings County.

1999 – Just Us! begins a relationship with STANFEST.

1999 – Moving fast, lots of excitement, decisions, stress, guerrilla marketing works!  We have a "brand".

1999 – Just Us! moves to Grand Pre – we had a design for New Minas and were ready to go but the village said no and the county said we want you in an industrial park. We said no, we want to have a café and then spoke to Peter Fuller.  He knew that Mr Fresh wanted to sell so he set up the deal.  Mr. Fresh helped finance the venture and we paid him back in 5 years.

1998 – Fish Aid Booth - Our first folk festival - it was at a volument that we had never faced.

1998 – 10 Days for Global Justice - campaign by Canadian churches.  Jeff was featured in the film "Common Grounds".

1997 – With Bridgehead, first to join Fair Trade - Just Us! is the first Fair Trade coffee roaster outside Europe.

1996 – Began roasting coffee (Nestle – big name in the market), zoning forced us into retail.

1995 – Jeff returns from Mexico with great news.  He has found a wonderful Fair Trade co-op and agrees to purchase 10 tons of coffee - a shipping container full! 

1995 – Jeff explores the possibilities for “fair trade” coffee and visits La Selva – first trading partner.

1995 – Just Us! Coffee Roasters comes into being!  It is co-founded by Debbie and Jeff Moore, Jane and David Mangle, and Ria March, as a worker co-operative in the business of Fair Trade coffee.  The name has multiple meanings: 

  • Just Us! five founders who want to do some good in the world,
  • Just Us! friends who want to create jobs for ourselves,
  • Just Us! and the coffee producers – no middlemen involved,
  • and Just Us! - a play on the word justice.

Jeff’s journey towards Just Us! - pieces to my puzzle! 

 1994 - Part of NS/Cuba delgation to Cuba and attended a two week working conference, with Fidel Castro in attendance, on solidarity with Cuba and Latin America.

1993 - Went to Ethiopia – Astrogergis, my sister’s maid, taught me to roast coffee in a frying pan – an Ethiopian tradition.

1992 - Attended a counter-celebration to 500th anniversary of Columbus Discovery of America in Liverpool, England.

1990 - On CUSO delegation to evaluate Guatemalan refugee camps in Mexico.

1971-95 - Spent 25 years as a social worker developing community living alternatives for person with intellectual handicaps.

1976 - Married Debra Jones – partner in life and business.

1966-77 - Mix of school and social work – completing Honours B.A. in Sociology and Masters of Social Work.

1969 - Bad car accident – broken neck – probably worst thing and best thing that happened to me because life took on purpose.

1967 - After flunking out my first year (on purpose) hitchhiked around Europe – lonesome, hungry, lots of soul searching.

1966-67 - Started at a prestigious university and in the army (Royal Officer Training Program) – learned quickly what I did not want to do.

1964 - Worked for summer in long-term psychiatric hospital – horrified!

1962 - Started love affair with coffee in grade 10.