AGRIVID, Costa Rica

The Tarrazu region has one of the best climates for coffee production in the world but a booming real estate market around the city of San Jose is turning farm land into potential residential development zones.

This year’s Tarrazu Honey comes from a 14 family organization called AGRIVID that owns and operates their own micromill in the Tarrazu Valley. Their sole organic farmer, Maria Gomez, believes in the strength and long term vision of organic production methods. Although many of the other farms in AGRIVID are not certified organic, Maria has convinced them of the merits of compost as the primary fertilizer for their fields. This is often the biggest hurdle in organic production.

AGRIVID has been in existence for 12 years and has diversified its offerings from solely organic coffee to organic coffee and a multitude of organic vegetables that are sold in the local markets. Their gravity-fed micromill is the most efficient we saw during our visit to Costa Rica this past winter. An entire day of processing coffee cherries uses only 1 barrel of water! Considering the process, this is an extraordinary feat.

Costa Rica has not escaped the rust epidemic but with the overall higher standard of living in Costa Rica, farmers have more access to capital and advanced agricultural techniques that limit the extent of the damage.