ACPROA, La Palma, El Salvador

ACPROA was established in 2009 and is a small co-operative located in La Palma, El Salvador. When we visited ACPROA for the first time in January of 2013 they were just beginning to start to work together and had never exported their coffee directly. The community of La Palma relies heavily on handcrafts, agriculture, and tourism to support its small economy.

In 2013, ACPROA exported directly for the first time to Just Us!. Their coffee was not certified Fair Trade or Organic but with the money earned from their direct sales they committed to certifying Fair Trade in 2014 and Organic in 2015.

It was in La Palma, in 1984, that the first UN-sponsored peace talks took place between the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) and the Government of El Salvador, earning the town the name “Cradle of Peace” or “Cuna de la Paz” in Spanish. As a result of these talks the El Salvador Civil War ended in 1992 preparing the long road ahead to democracy. At Just Us! we market their coffee through our Limited Release Line as Cradle of Peace.

The mountains and forests surrounding La Palma and the Department of Chalatenango served as a stronghold for the many peasant farmers that fought for their rights as guerilla FMLN forces during the civil war. Today, after many years of hardship these guerilla fighters have laid down their guns, returned to their farms, and pooled their coffee together for Just Us! as member of ACPROA.

La Palma is located within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Trifinio. This Reserve is shared between Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and receives funds to encourage an environmentally and socially sustainable economy in the area. Composting facilities and other organic practices are being encouraged by many government agencies and Just Us! is playing our part by encouraging Organic Certification by 2015.


Quick Facts:
Co-operative: ACPROA
Country: El Salvador
Date Established: 2009
Members: less than 100